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Nokian WR (Discontinued)

All-Weather Plus

The second generation All-Weather Plus Nokian WR, with its revolutionary technologies, such as High-Dispersion Silica (HDS), Hakka Siping, Driving Safety Indicator, and Info Pin has brought four-season driving safety to a high level.

Safety in All Weather Conditions

Nokian’s WR unique arrowhead tread pattern effectively expels water, snow and slush while providing uncompromised lateral grip. The WR also has a smooth ride and excellent handling on dry roads. The tire’s tread groove angle has been tailor-made for each size, providing more accurate driving and effectively preventing aquaplaning. The advanced Hakka Siping allows the tire to maintain its excellent grip throughout the life of the tire.

Naturally Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the world’s first tire manufacturer to introduce a production method using earth friendly oils. The WR is manufactured using only low aromatic, purified oils. These purified oils keep Nokian tires from polluting the environment as the tire gradually wears down. The WR’s advanced compounds also reduce rolling resistance and thus improve your car’s fuel efficiency.


  • All-Weather performance for safety in any weather condition
  • Arrowhead tread pattern improves grip
  • Hakka Siping
  • Low rolling resistance saves fuel
  • Purified oils eliminate carcinogens that harm the environment