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Nokian Vatiiva H/T (Discontinued)

Premium Highway Tire for SUVs and Light Trucks

The Nokian Vatiiva H/T is designed for smooth and quiet highway driving for SUVs and light trucks. On the road, the unique multi-directional siping design reduces road noise without compromising tire performance on wet or dry pavement. Off road, the alternating shoulder traction lugs enhances soft soil traction.

Exceptional Grip

The Vatiiva H/T is designed to have excellent grip in all weather conditions. Uniquely designed “zig-zag” siping enhances wet traction and winter tire performance on snow and ice by increasing the number of gripping edges in each tread element. The semi-solid shoulder offers more rubber surface area on the road to maximize traction and reduce tire noise. The alternating shoulder traction lugs are specially designed tread shoulder shapes, including a unique alternating scallop feature, to enhance traction in soft soil applications.

Quiet and Long Lasting Performance

The Vatiiva H/T is specifically designed to maintain a high level of highway performance throughout the long life of the tire. Special tread compounds are designed to be quiet and long-lasting. Advanced tire construction provides enhanced durability and longer lasting safety. Computer generated pitch sequence provides a smooth quite ride while reducing tread pattern noise. The Nokian Vatiiva H/T features a 65,000 mile/104,000km tread life warranty on all P-metric products.


  • Zig-zag Siping
  • Outlined White Lettering
  • Higway tread design
  • Shoulder traction lugs
  • Quiet and long lasting tire