Nokian Rotiiva AT

Rugged For All-Weather

  • Extremely stable tire with high performance on and off the road
  • Aggressive tread pattern guarantees exceptional handling
  • Sturdy cut-resistant tread surface
  • Severe Service Emblem or Mountain Snowflake Symbol designation rated for use in severe winter conditions
The new Nokian Rotiiva AT (All Terrain) works effectively both on and off the road. This exceptional tire guarantees optimal performance without compromising safety or driving comfort. It completes Nokian Tyres versatile SUV and 4x4 line-up.
Rotiiva AT is excellent on asphalt or gravel, but also moves with ease in light off-road conditions. The sturdy structure and cut-resistant tread compound give the tire excellent durability as well. The comprehensive selection of sizes is aimed at light trucks, larger SUVs, and pick-ups.
The aggressive tread pattern of the new product, and especially its wide, polished grooves maximize grip and handling in rapidly changing summer conditions. Thanks to a unique tread pattern, the tire also cleans easily and runs effortlessly in winter conditions.

Steady going

The smooth, fluent driving is boosted by the center rib stabilizers that stiffen the tire. The driver feels this in the excellent driving stability and quick steering response. More stability is added by the 3D sipes that actively bind the pattern blocks together upon road contact. The heavily siped pattern block sections support each other. Unnecessary sipe movement stops, which further improves handling.

Cooling ribs in the shoulder area improve overall durability. Lower heat generation means slower wear, more comfortable driving, and more mileage. The Rotiiva AT enjoys poor roads and suddenly changing conditions.
Stone ejectors on the bottoms of the grooves minimize the penetration of sharp rocks into the tire. The stone ejectors further increase the operating life of the tire by preventing tire body damage, especially when driving on dirt and gravel surfaces.

Tailor-made style and safety

The side surfaces of this eye-catching and massive product are different. This means that you can tailor the outlook to suit your tastes upon installation: a more rugged appearance for off-road terrain, and a more stylish and toned-down look for the road. Nokian Tyres patented Driving Safety Indicator on the tread surface improves safety and driving comfort.