Nokian Z SUV

Ultra-High Performance for SUVs

The new Nokian Z SUV is designed for the demanding conditions placed on high performance SUVs. The tread design makes Nokian Z SUV safe and improves the road response. The reinforced central area of the tire, the stiff, fixed outer shoulder as well as the inside-outside-pattern ensures excellent driving characteristics. The ribs in the central area are intended for high speed driving: they improve the safety of the tire and insure precise handling. The bead region, especially tailored for SUV use, protects the rim and has been completely redesigned. The circumferential stiffening belt and jointless cable increase driving accuracy and sensitivity. The advantages of this construction are fast steering response.

Cool Zone Concept: natural canola oil combines with tough technology

The Nokian Z SUV features our most important new innovations like a multi-layered surface structure and canola (rape-seed) oil-silica compound.

The lowest layer of the multi-layered surface structure is a thin layer of rubber compound which reduces heat generation and rolling resistance. The flexible compound in the intermediate layer reacts more quickly to steering movements than traditional rubber compounds.

The new canola oil-silica compound ensures excellent grip on wet roads, particularly at low temperatures. The new compound efficiently dampens the noise generated on rough asphalt which makes the tire quiet and pleasant to drive.

Naturally Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the world’s first tire manufacturer to introduce a production method using earth friendly oils. The Z SUV is manufactured using only low aromatic, purified oils. These purified oils keep Nokian tires from polluting the environment as the tire gradually wears down. The Z SUV also features a new rubber compound made from silica and canola oil, reducing rolling resistance and thus improving your car’s fuel efficiency.


  • Tailor-made durability for SUVs
  • Excellent grip in demanding conditions
  • Superb handling for high speed driving