Summer tire for light trucks, SUVs and off-road use

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Ultimate durability

Summer tire for light trucks, SUVs and off-road use

New summer tire offers extreme durability for professional driving and off-road enthusiasts. It is a fearless performer at quarries, forests and mining areas. This sturdy new tire is a tireless workhorse with a thoroughbred mining compound that can handle even unexpected impacts during demanding off-road use.

Nokian Rockproof

New, strong special tire for demanding professionals

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Tested by professionals

For the past few months, Logging Operator Tom Brain of Dyer Logging put the Nokian Rockproof tires through rigorous, real world testing in the Canadian Rockies of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Brain’s Ford F-350 4x4 was outfitted with the Rockproof tires and put to work in the challenging terrain of forestry logging sites and roads consisting mostly of shot rock. 

“Nokian Rockproof tires have outlasted all the other brands we’ve had on our truck. We’ve put on roughly 31,000 miles and more than half of that is on gravel,” said Tom Brain, operator at Dyer Logging and Nokian Rockproof professional test driver. “What we found is that these tires have stood up better than anything we’ve had on the last two trucks, by far.”

Extreme cut resistance, more working hours

The tire’s extreme cut resistance comes into its own during professional use in mines and quarries as well as in off-road driving.

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Better durability

The stone ejectors improve the tire’s service life and offer additional protection by preventing tire body damage.

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A new type of durability and protection

The fibre makes the tire more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily damage it.

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Rock proof vs toyo mt

Just installed the rock proof after wearing out a set of toyo mt's. Initial thoughts are: smoother feeling on and off the road. a bit quieter hum down the road. Lighter, quicker feeling steering response. This is my first impression with this tire, and was happy with the toyo mt,, other than the tread Wear. The lack of reviews made me want to put my opinion down. I will report back after a few thousand miles. took these tires through a bunch of gravel and big rocks and dirt type trails and performed well. I think this is a potential winner.

5 months ago



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