Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV

the fourth generation of our all weather SUV tire builds on the uncompromising performance of its predecessors

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The versatile Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV optimally combines high-performance, all-season handling and reliable winter grip to make it a true all-weather tire. Nokian Tyres’ fourth-generation all-weather tire builds on the uncompromising performance of its predecessors with new innovations to ensure performance in snow storms, heavy rain or sun-scorched asphalt, so you can forget the forecast regardless of the season. The new Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV all-weather tire is a safe and reliable choice for sport utility vehicles and crossover models.

Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use

User opinions

Rated 4.8 based on 25 customer reviews

Better than overhyped CrossClimate2 in the winter conditions

HiHy21 • 47 days ago

Granted this is comparing a VW Tiguan with the Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV vs. Highlander Hybrid with Michelin CrossClimate2. The WR G4 tackles all of the winter conditions with ease. The Michelins are a plowed snow condition tire, and struggles with deep, wet snow, such as CA "Sierra Cement". But... on the WR G4 SUV, the WSI wears out around the 5mm mark, and then traction goes downhill pretty bad, since starting from a hill does challenge the tire on packed/plowed snow. So take the WSI seriously.

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Seriously the best tire ever

boum15 • 4 months ago

Best tire ever for us, and for Snowbird, living in cold weather at the end of December and for the road conditions back in April. Fantastic road handling.

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Did not meet expectations

Ntdedyet • 16 months ago

I expected more. Handling and traction is very good, but the noise level is significantly worse than expected. I drive 100 miles per day and the noise level is actually making me consider ditching these after 15k miles.

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Worthy & Reliable

shane2k • 18 months ago

Mounted these to my 2020 Kia Telluride in Oct'20. Dec'20 took a road trip from Toronto, Canada to Austin, Texas and back. On the return path from St. Louis, IL to Toronto went through 2000Km of snow storm. And this heavy snow where the road is not visible or only lane caravan on the highway. I was able to cut through the storm as if the Tellu was on winter tires. Must say, in the beginning was not sure how they would perform, but that trip it boosted my confidence. The ride is smooth, much quieter than winter tires and many cheaper all-season tires. Braking & handling in snow, icy condition & rain is good. I will not take same risks over snow as I took with my dedicated tires and these tires do not place themselves to that level as well. In Wet / slushy snow conditions also these tires do pretty good.

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Outstanding Tires

Yooperdriver • 19 months ago

Bought these for my Silverado (which is mostly a highway driver, not off-road) and I couldn’t be happier with them. Excellent performance in all conditions and more than capable of handling Michigan winters. Wouldn’t waste my money on anything else. I’ve had all seasons and they just aren’t even close to these. Buy a great all-weather tire like the WRG4s and save yourself time and money by not swapping your all season and winter tires each year.

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Not a great experience

Mdx1 • 19 months ago

The tires were good at first but one tire alway had a vibration. After getting them balanced 2x still there. I ended up and put that one in the rear and made it less noticeable. The tires were quite at first but now very loud ,after only 20k I’m replacing them.

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Snow mode: engage!

Nor'easter23 • 19 months ago

Sick of having to tiptoe through the snow on the OEM tires that came with my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee, we replaced them with a set of WR G4 SUV tires. I've been using Nokian since 2013, going through two sets of WR G3 tires before the most current set of WR G4s on my Accord (I drive a lot). The tires are confidence-inspiring on a passenger car, but couple with the Jeep's ferocious all-wheel drive system, the WR G4 SUV tires are truly impressive. We are frequently in the Adirondacks during winter, and the Jeep feels safe and secure on snow-and ice-covered mountain roads. On a trip to the Midwest, they handled a pretty severe winter storm with ease. Grip levels are excellent, and the handling and braking are predictable even in the worst weather. We live in the Mid-Atlantic region, so if we were permanently based in a more northern climate, it would be a set of Hakkapeliittas for the Jeep, but given our current needs, the WR G4s have been an excellent purchase.

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Best all around tire I have ever owned !

JP-1 • 20 months ago

Purchased 5 weeks ago and instantly noticed an improvement from factory tires (2018 Honda CR-V with Bridgestone tires). I actually was satisfied with the Bridgestone's, but these Nokian's are far superior in every aspect I can think of. With only have 1500 miles on them, planned to wait before writing a review, but a recent 24" snowfall charged that instantly ! I've it always had winter tires and summer tires but getting too old to be swapping tires around so figured I'd try All Weather tires. Being familiar with Nokian's winter capabilities and having a friend that likes their All Season Nokian's, and with the WGR4 SUV's ratings felt I'd give them a try. Best tire decision I have ever made ! On top of all the other Positive aspects of these tires, their snow handling ability is phenomenal ! Drove through 8-10" of unplowed snow amazingly. Acceleration and Braking is excellent for conditions, but I'm in going to have to be extra careful because of they are so confidence building !! Definitely Recommend.

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Very nearly full snow/ice tire grip, on the WR G4 SUV

M68paddler • 20 months ago

Really pleased with the WR G4 tire. Have had Hakkapeliittas in the past, and was skeptical these might offer grip that is far above that of even great "all-season" tires. The verdict is in: they absolutely do. Very grippy, really stable. Even with an ugly mix of ice, sleet, along with several inches of snow, on rutted winding and hilly roads the tires perform flawlessly. Great grip with temperature in the teens, as well. Quiet on the highway, with very little noise overall. Very impressed. Well done, Nokian.

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Sure footed in winter snowy weather, shorter stopping distance

All weather shopper • 20 months ago

I bought in October 2020 at Toronto, Ontario. I recommend this investment.

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215/65 R 16 102H XL

max load 1870 lb, up to 130 mph

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215/70 R 16 100H

max load 1800 lb, up to 130 mph

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225/70 R 16 107H XL

max load 2150 lb, up to 130 mph

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235/70 R 16 106H

max load 2090 lb, up to 130 mph

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Drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles crave an enjoyable, environmentally responsible driving experience. They want a tire that delivers many years of safe and comfortable journeys. Nokian Tyres shares their core values of safety and sustainability, and we’ve built our premium tires to deliver peace of mind in all conditions. Best of all, we sustainably craft innovative year-round driving solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of electric vehicles.


The Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV steers as precisely on wet highways or rural roads as it does in busy urban traffic. Most importantly, it offers peace of mind in even the most demanding conditions.

Aramid Sidewall technology

Commercial-grade durability

Aramid Sidewall technology offers a new type of durability and protection for demanding driving conditions. Strong, synthetic Aramid fibers reinforce the tire's sidewall and make it more resistant to impacts and cuts that could otherwise easily break it.


Maximum snow grip, precise handling

Designed to increase grip on snow and slush, the longitudinal rib at the center area of the tire is equipped with jagged sipes that resemble the footprints of a centipede. The Centipede Siping works effectively at the multitude of turning angles, maximizing contact surface and improving control.

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Perfect balance for all four seasons

The exceptional combination of winter and summer performance comes with the new Dual Performance SUV Compound. With increased stiffness, more silica and a completely new SUV performance resin, this new-generation SUV compound provides a perfectly balanced combination of winter and summer properties.


World-class performance for rainy days

To combat the ever-dangerous threat of hydroplaning, the Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV comes equipped with Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology. A phenomenon known as the Coanda effect means water can be directed to follow the curve of the surface rather than flowing in a straight line. Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology is designed to accelerate the removal of water by guiding and moving the water flow away from the tire.

Blade Grooves

Efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface The inner shoulder’s fan-like rib pattern with functional tread blocks and Blade Grooves efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface. The sipes staggered at different angles provide effective longitudinal grip and acceleration grip on snow and the wide longitudinal grooves offer lateral grip. The winter grip is further improved by the block pattern that is shaped on the inner shoulder side of the center rib. It is partially equipped with hinges and sipes and the small, heavily siped tread blocks are grooved so that every other sipe is attached on the left and every other on the right.

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Check out the Nokian Tyres WR G4 SUV Product Information Sheet for technical product specifications such as speed rating, weight, overall diameter and more.



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