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You can feel it not wanting to let go.

★★★★★ 5/5
9 months ago
Bought a set of 4 for my Mercedes ML 350 Bluetec. I live in Wa. state so the all weather tires made more sense to get than the all season tires. You can feel the difference in the steering wheel. Its a good feel, much like rolling a lint remover over a piece of cloth. You can feel it stick and also not wanting to let go. Its the best way to describe the road feel of these tires. When you drive a Mercedes down the freeway its like gliding down the road. These are nice tires.

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    My first ALL-WEATHER tires

    ★★★★★ 5/5
    8 months ago
    I live at Toronto, Canada and during winter, it is a pain for me to swap the tires (All-season to winter tires and in May, back to the All-season tires). Then I came to know about “All-weather” tires. Started to research between Goodyear/Michelin/BFGoodrich tires. I stumbled on Nokian and went deep to find out. Manufacturer made the first winter tires (Finland is the perfect place to fight with such harsh weather). In 2018-19, Nokian started their plant in U.S.A. Anyway, got a better deal and I’m extremely satisfied with these tires. I experienced heavy downpours, drove more that 110km+ during rain at 401 and no hydroplane on a standing waters! I felt more confident and waiting to drive them in snow... can’t wait! Cornering is also smooth. They are expensive in Canadian market, but this is such an investment related with your and family’s safety. Nokian WR G4 SUV is doing it’s part till now, hope it will be awesome in snow as well.

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      Outstanding tire and great in snow!

      ★★★★★ 5/5
      6 months ago
      I've run my Audi's with Conti and Pirelli all season tires and they've been fine in the summer but I live in Upstate NY with a 1,000 foot uphill driveway and with the snow we've received, forget-about-it, they're terrible, I need snow tires in the wintertime! Tried Blizzaks and they're good but their not Hakka's. So when it comes to my Jeep Grand Cherokee I even tried Conti All Terrains but they handled nothing well including snow so just when I was planning to order Hakka's I read about the Nokian WR G4's and I ordered a set hoping they's be ok and wow! Unlike any all seasons they actually perform extraordinarily well in deep fresh snow and glazed roadways! They're the best tires I've ever had in a downpour and they're quiet, smooth and solid on dry roadways at speed. I've never driven anything like these, nearly as good as Hakka's in snowy conditions, smooth as any all season in dry conditions and outstanding in a heavy rain! These are my new hands down, go-to SUV tires! My Grand Cherokee has never been so solid! More freshies... Time to go skiing!

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        Fantastic Tire

        ★★★★★ 5/5
        7 months ago
        Recently installed on a 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Tires have crisp stable handling and ride smooth on dry roads. Fantastic on wet roads. Best tire I've ever used in wet snow/slush. Very good on packed snow. Looking forward to testing in the colder temperatures coming up.

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          So far, so great!

          ★★★★★ 5/5
          3 months ago
          Could not stomach the $1k bill for Defender LTX. Got the Nokian WR G4 in 265/70/17 on our Six Shooters. Since we have put around 1k miles on these I thought I would share some thoughts. - Quiet. Very quiet compared with our 4 year old Cooper M/S tires these replaced. I would say equally quiet compared with the stock sized Goodyear SRA we had previously on the truck. - Comfortable. Along with being easy on the ears, these tires are easy on the truck. Goes down the road very nicely. Made the love come back for LilLandy. - ‘All Weather’ 3 peak performance with a 60k mile warranty. - Capable. If we lived in the mountains or desert, I would buy a more aggressive tire. I am in Minnesota where the mountains are flat, but the potholes deep. I can’t imagine going somewhere with this rig where a more aggressive tire would be necessary. We got pretty deep into the boonies on stock SRAs. These Nokians will take us where we want to go by vehicle. - Price. Neisen Tire Sales and Service had me in and out in less than an hour for a total of $630 out the door. Ordered on a Thursday, tires in Friday, installed Saturday. No tpms rebuild, but still cannot beat that. Solid guy, Mitch, I will give him my business again. - Looks. Some might think they are not aggressive looking enough, I don’t think they look all that bad. - I don’t like the non-directional tread pattern. There is an outside and inside marking, but the tread is opposite compared left to right on the truck. Just bothers my light OCD. So, we are pleased. Pleased enough that we will look at the equivalent Nokian tire idea for our runabout Accord when the time comes. Seems to be a great idea for the drivers who do not want two dedicated sets of wheels and tires. Have not had them in snow, but with all the siping and bonkers channeling going on, these will rock snow and ice.

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            BEST-All Weather Tires I Have Ever Owned.

            ★★★★★ 5/5
            3 months ago
            I did a ton of research for the best of the best, and waited for these to come out. These tires are amazing. I owned the WR3 for my sedan so when I got my SUV I knew these were going to go on it. Pair this with all the modern technology of a modern vehicle and you can't get any safer for wet and snowy driving. Highly recommend these.

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