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New Nokian WR G3 SUV high-performance SUV tire for all conditions

Nokian Tyres is introducing the rugged, high-performance Nokian WR G3 SUV all-weather tire for varied use on sports utility vehicles. This latest addition to the new-generation tire family, the Nokian WR G3 SUV feels at home in the varying North American weather conditions with excellent winter grip and driving response and all-season durability and comfort. The Nokian WR G3 SUV all-weather tire effectively resists slush planing and aquaplaning and reliably masters all of the surprises that Mother Nature has in store. It rolls lightly and retains its balance on snow, slush, and dry roads alike.

The new symmetric and directional tread pattern of the Nokian WR G3 SUV, heavy siping, and the All-Weather silica compound tailored for SUVs ensure an exceptionally stable driving feel and relentless grip at high speeds and in all weather conditions. New innovations like the Snow Claws take grip on snow and ice to a new level while Groove Lifts add stability and control to improve handling on dry roads. The unique tread pattern design and polished transverse grooves help prevent dangerous slush planing and aquaplaning.

The Nokian WR G3 SUV, which is designed for demanding SUV use that has continued to increase in North America over the past few years, represents the core competence of Nokian Tyres from Finland: the world’s leading expertise in winter tires. The comprehensive selection of 33 products includes rim sizes from 15 inches to 20 inches, covering both smaller and larger SUVs. Most of the tires in the modern selection are also XL marked, meaning that they have the highest possible load capacity. The new Nokian WR G3 SUV will be available at tire retailers in the spring of 2014.

Unique tread pattern design – excellent handling, effective slush planing prevention

The symmetrical and directional tread pattern (with a fixed rotation direction) developed for high-performance SUVs both optimizes the fantastic handling and ensures safe aquaplaning and slush planing characteristics. The longitudinal center rib stabilizes the Nokian WR G3 SUV on all surfaces, especially at high speeds. In addition to the logical and balanced handling, the Nokian WR G3 SUV stops precisely and rolls lightly, saving fuel and preserving the environment.

The Groove Lifts on the tread blocks adjacent to the center rib and the longitudinal ribs provide additional rigidity for the demanding and varying SUV use. This added support for the symmetrical tread model combines the best features of longitudinally ribbed and arrow-patterned tires. The Groove Lifts on the tread blocks improve handling on dry roads, making it stable and controlled. The Groove Lifts also prevent small rocks from wedging in the grooves.

The 3D Lock Sipes that stretch from shoulder to shoulder improve handling in corners and during evasive maneuvers. In contrast to a straight sipe, the 3D Lock Sipes also support the tread block when the sipe opens; this is due to the locking mechanism built into the sipe. This technology improves the durability and wear resistance of the tire, especially under poor road conditions.

Nokian Tyres is known as a pioneer in slush planing tests. The Nokian WR G3 SUV also takes maximum advantage of this know-how. The deep transverse grooves, a strong, arrow-shaped directional tread pattern, and the polished main grooves effectively remove water and slush, thereby preventing dangerous aquaplaning and slush planing.

New Snow Claws innovation – optimal grip on snow

Snow Claws were shaped on the longitudinal and diagonal grooves of the tread blocks to provide much-needed grip on winter roads. They grip the surface relentlessly on soft snow and in soft terrain. The heavy siping on the tread blocks also provides grip reserves for a rainy day. The WR G3 SUV responds quickly to steering and is easy to handle on bare and wet roads, but it is also reliable in quick turns and sudden lane changes on an icy road.

The versatile characteristics of this new SUV product from the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer were fine-tuned at the European high-speed test tracks in Papenburg, Germany and Idiada, Spain, and the demanding snow and ice handling tests were performed at Nokian Tyres' unique Ivalo Testing Center White Hell, in the extreme conditions of Finnish Lapland.

The sporty Nokian WR G3 SUV has a precise and responsive driving feel under all conditions. Handling remains safe and logical even when operating at the grip limits under extreme conditions. The grip limits are gradual and no sudden loss of road contact occurs. This is made possible by the balanced ratio of the lateral and longitudinal grip, a feature that the drivers of tall and massive SUVs will especially appreciate. This high-performance all-weather tire is a maestro on the snow and ice, as well as wet and dry roads, and has clearly better grip properties than its predecessor, the Nokian WR G2 SUV.

Tailored tread compound maximizes grip and durability

The rigid SUV silica compound, tailored for varying conditions and high speeds, ensures excellent grip and wear resistance year round. Wet grip is optimized by the high silica content of the tread compound that reliably responds to the rise and fall of the temperature.

The Canola oil that is added to the rubber compound emphasises the eco-friendly nature of the Nokian WR G3 SUV. The eco-friendly Canola oil maximizes tear strength, making this new-generation all-weather product more durable and increasing wet, ice and snow grip under extreme conditions. Relentless development has resulted in the new product having lower rolling resistance, better fuel economy, and lower hazardous emissions than its traditional competitors.

Info area adds to safety and user comfort

The tread surface is equipped with the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) that is patented by Nokian Tyres and improves driving safety. The numbers on the center rib of the tire indicate the depth of the main grooves in millimeters.

The numbers wear out as the tire wears down. The snowflake symbol of the Winter Safety Indicator (WSI) remains visible to a tread depth of four millimeters. When the symbol wears out, the possibility of slush planing and aquaplaning increases substantially, and the motorist should consider purchasing new tires to ensure safety.

The location and pressure indicators on the sidewall information area improve safety. The information area allows for recording the correct inflation pressure and installation location during tire change. Correct tire pressure makes the car's steering more precise, reduces tire damage, and saves on fuel costs.

Comfort and safety are improved further by a new section that can be used to record the tightening torque of bolts for alloy rims.

Nokian WR G3 SUV - main innovations:

Tread pattern design. Stable driving feel, effective slush planing and aquaplaning prevention. The symmetrical and directional tread model (with a fixed rotation direction) optimizes the stable handling and ensures safe aquaplaning and slush planing characteristics. Strong sipes on the tread blocks provide a grip reserve on wet roads.

Snow Claws. Maximum grip on snow. Snow Claws were shaped on the longitudinal and diagonal grooves of the tread blocks to provide much-needed grip on winter roads. They grip the surface effectively on soft snow and in soft terrain.

Groove Lifts. Controlled, sturdy handling. Groove Lifts on the tread blocks next to the center rib and longitudinal ribs of the symmetrical tread model improve handling on dry roads, making it stable and controlled. The Groove Lifts also prevent small rocks from wedging in the grooves.

3D Lock Sipe. Better handling, more durability. The 3D Lock Sipes that stretch from shoulder to shoulder improve handling in corners and during evasions. In contrast to a straight sipe, the 3D Lock Sipes also support the tread block when the sipe opens; this is due to the locking mechanism built into the sipe.

Polished grooves. Stylish functionality: slush and water flow easily and efficiently off the slick and polished main grooves, and the lateral grooves open to the sides.

Nokian WR G3 SUV – Ultimate All-Weather Performance

  • Effectively prevents slush planing and aquaplaning
  • Excellent handling on snowy and dry surfaces
  • Extreme wet performance
  • All weather durability

Photos: www.nokiantyres.com/NokianWRG3SUV

Nokian Tyres – an expert in winter conditions

Nokian Tyres is the only tire manufacturer in the world that focuses on products and services that facilitate safe transportation in Nordic conditions. The company's innovative passenger car, van and heavy-duty machinery tires are mainly marketed in areas that have snow, forest and changing seasons that make driving conditions demanding.

For over 80 years, the company has been developing, testing and patenting solutions that promote driving safety. The world's first winter tire was created to tackle the freezing temperatures and winds in 1934. Since then, top-range products refined with northern know-how have been introduced on a regular basis.

The world’s northernmost tire manufacturer tests its products under demanding and extreme conditions at its own test facilities in Ivalo, 300 kilometers (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. At the beginning of the 1990s Nokian Tyres became the first company to develop unique slush planing tests for winter tires.

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental values of Nokian Tyres. The company has systematically worked towards minimizing environmental hazards. Nokian Tyres was the first tire manufacturer to switch over to using only purified, low-aromatic oils in its production. Raw material and material choices are aimed at avoiding unnecessary burdens on the environment.

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