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Nokian Tyres’ High Performance Summer Line Excels in European Magazine Testing

Nokian tires continue to receive top marks in multiple tests conducted by the leading German automobile associations and magazines.

Nokian H

The German automobile association ADAC’s “ADAC judgment” rated the Nokian H “Highly Recommended,” the highest possible rating, in its latest summer tire test. The Finnish premium tire received high praise as a “very balanced summer tire receiving the best mark on dry road and good on wet road.” On a scale of 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest), the Nokian H scored 1.8 in dry conditions, 2.3 in wet conditions, 2.6 in fuel consumption, and 2.7 in durability. On safety ratings, the Nokian H scored 1.5 for handling in wet conditions, 1.5 in stability in dry conditions and 2.0 for handling wet curves.

The ADAC conducted the test with the consumer protection organization, Stiftung Warentest. While nearly every fourth tire in a test of 19 tires failed the ADAC test, the overall “test quality judgment rated the Nokian H good (2.4)”, where “good” was the best rating achieved in the test. The Nokian H was one of only two tires that received the “Highly Recommended” top recommendation in the “Our Advice” section in the two organization’s magazines.

Teppo Huolvila, Vice President R&D of Nokian Tyres was pleased with the results. “We designed the Nokian H for excellent driving safety, precision and environmental parameters and the excellent test rankings show the results of our efforts.“

Nokian V

The Nokian V also received high ratings:

  • “Highly Recommended” by Auto Zeitung
  • “Highly Recommended” by Auto Bild
  • “Good” by Gute Fahrt

Auto Zeitung rated the Nokian V “Highly Recommended” and recommends the tire as good alternative in wet as well as dry conditions. The magazine commented that in wet conditions, “In combination with the C class, the Nokian V appeals with spontaneous reactions and neutral balance. Good braking performance,” while in dry conditions the Nokian V was “Speedy in handling, strong in braking – these are the advantages of the ‘V’ from Nokian.”

In its latest Eco Tire test, Auto Bild found the Nokian V to offer “Well balanced safe handling properties on wet and dry road, high safety reserves with aquaplaning, short braking distances on wet road, satisfying fuel saving potential.”

Gute Fahrt also praised the V: “The tire from Finland participated already in the GF tire test two years ago and showed good results all around. Now Nokian has improved it strongly, especially in rolling resistance. With success: mark good. The tyre does not show weaknesses in the driving and safety relevant criteria, offers only a little under-steering and a fine grip in the wet.”

Nokian Z G2

The ultra high performance tire Nokian Z G2:

  • “Highly Recommended” in the German automobile association ADAC’s UHP summer tire test of 2009.
  • “Recommended” by Auto Motor Und Sport, Auto, and Firmenauto

Nokian Z G2 with the “Highly Recommended” ADAC rating received the highest praise in the “short comments”: “+ Very balanced summer tire”, “+ Very good on wet road”, “+ Very good on dry road / asphalt.” In dry conditions the Nokian Z G2 scored 1.7, in wet conditions 2.2, and in durability 2.5. The fuel consumption is also low: 2.9, which is lower than the “Highly Recommended” mark limit. Nokian’s tire also scored high safety marks with 1.4 in stability, 1.5 in handling, and 1.9 in braking on wet road.

Auto Motor und Sport rates the Nokian Z G2 “recommended” and adds: “Very non-problematic handling and satisfying braking ability on dry road, low noise level.” Auto magazine and Firmenauto report identical results.

Nokian has expanded the Z G2 line with nine new sizes, including 48 sizes for the speed ratings W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h) from 16 to 20 inches.

Nokian Z SUV

The SUV premium tire Nokian Z SUV:

  • “Highly Recommended” (“Excellent“) by Auto Bild allrad in its latest SUV summer tyre test.

The SUV tyre Nokian Z SUV was rated “Highly

Recommended” (“exceptional“) by Auto Bild allrad and received a score of 2 in all three test categories: wet, dry and off road. The tire’s strengths included: “low rolling resistance, balanced driving behavior, amazing in the sand.” Other scores included: “traction sand 1-“, “wet curve 2+“ and “noise in dry conditions 2+.” The Finnish Nokian performs outstandingly in the sand.“

Good for the Environment Too

Nokian Tyres was the world's first tire manufacturer to introduce a production method using earth-friendly oils. In addition, Nokian’s tires feature low rolling resistance, which can save roughly 6% on fuel consumption.

About Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the only tire manufacturer that focuses on customer needs in northern conditions. The company supplies innovative tires for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges on tire performance: snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons. Nokian Tyres’ product development is consistently aiming for sustainable solutions for safety and the environment, taking into account the whole life cycle of the tire.

Nokian Tyres group also owns the tire chain Vianor and has nearly 600 outlets in 17 countries. In 2009, Nokian Tyres had 3,300 employees and net sales of approximately 798.5 million Euros. Nokian Tyres’ shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Further information is available at: www.nokiantyres.com.

For Further Information:
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