Hakkapeliitta Cryo-silane Gen 2 tread compound

The tire's new tread compound type, tailored for Northern conditions, is known as the Hakkapeliitta Cryo-Silane Gen 2 winter compound. The surface material that touches the driving surface remains flexible under all conditions, and the sipes on the tread blocks work actively, regardless of the variations in grip level or temperature. The tire's winter grip is excellent both close to zero degrees and at very low temperatures. Silica, rapeseed oil, and natural rubber are the main components of the tread compound.

The higher percentage of natural rubber is essential when ensuring the tire's excellent winter grip under the treacherous and extreme Northern winter weather. Natural rubber is stable over an extended temperature range, and works especially well in temperatures near zero as well as extremely cold weather.

The rapeseed oil makes the silica and natural rubber work together, improving the tear strength of the tread compound. The tread strength makes the tire very wear-resistant, and makes it effectively resist impacts and punctures. At the same time, the tire closely follows the driving surface and firmly retains its shape.

When combined with new-generation winter silica, the silane (Cryo-Silane) in the wear-resistant rubber compound also allows the tire to have excellent wet grip.

The high silica content of the tread compound and the design of the tread pattern lower the rolling resistance of the tire by several per cent compared to its predecessor, which was already a very lightly rolling tire. The lowest rolling resistance on the market means that fuel consumption and harmful emissions are reduced further, and that emphasises the green nature of this state-of-the-art tire.

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