Nokian Cryo Crystal Concept

The secret of this new non-studded tire is in its rubber compound that includes microscopic, multi-edged, crystal-like particles that are diamond-rough. The crystals operate like built-in studs as they grab the driving surface with their sharp and tough grip edges.

The Nokian Cryo Crystal Concept boosts the optimal lateral and longitudinal grip of the tire. The excellent winter grip of this new product can be felt especially on slippery ice, where the tire stops several metres quicker from a speed of 80 km/h than the predecessor model which already had excellent grip on ice.

The effective grip properties of the tread compound are retained very well even as the groove depth of the tyre approaches the four-millimetre minimum that is essential in terms of winter safety. As the tire wears, the eco-friendly particles that have been spread evenly inside the compound come out and add to the grip reserve. This new tire is proof that you can retain precise steering and commendable grip even as the tire ages.

The unique Cryo Crystal Concept forms the perfect combination with the tread compound that has been especially developed for non-studded winter tires. The new Cryo-Silane based winter silica compound works safely along a wide temperature range, from wet roads to dangerous black ice. The compound provides the tire with exceptional grip on ice, snow, and wet surfaces as well as exceptional wear durability. 

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