Nokian Eco Stud 8 Concept

The revolutionary Nokian Eco Stud 8 concept offers safety and controlled behaviour in extreme situations, and it consists of the following components:

  • An eco-friendlier next-generation anchor stud
  • A flange design that reduces stud impact
  • A patented Eco Stud cushion that boosts the operation of the stud and further dampens road contact.

Together with the innovative stud distribution, the Nokian Eco Stud 8 concept provide the tire with supreme winter properties: excellent grip while braking and accelerating, more wear resistance and added driving comfort.

The new stud concept balances the longitudinal and lateral ice grip of the tire in an excellent manner. The balanced lateral and longitudinal grip is a prerequisite for maintaining handling and stability in case of surprising driving situations.

Each stud location in the unique stud distribution has been computer-optimised, which guarantees supreme ice grip both longitudinally and laterally. The studs are no longer placed in rows; instead, the stud distribution proceeds evenly along the entire tread of the tire. This ensures that no stud travels behind another, which guarantees the best possible grip under all circumstances. In order to ensure the quality and functionality of the studs, the tire is sold with the studs installed at the factory.

The tire's directional or fixed-direction tread model that is also symmetrical is the optimal choice for winter tires, since it supports the wide spacing of studs in order to optimise grip and reduce driving noise.

The stud concept makes the tire extremely gentle on its driving surface, even while its winter grip properties are better than ever before. When the stud damping is in order, the tire has a significantly smaller road wear effect than is required by the current Nordic stud legislation, the studs last longer, and the rolling noise of the tires is lower.

The modern stud technology that maximises winter grip and eco-friendliness even allowed us to increase the number of studs on the tire. The tire is gentle on the road surface, but it has on average 50% more studs than the previous-generation tire.

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