Risks in Traffic

Traffic is tough, but it’s necessary to get where you are going. Working together offers success for all – let us help you solve the commuter puzzle.

Traffic and various traffic routes connect people from all around the world. When you are on the move, there are many factors contributing to the success of your trip: your car, the tires, your driving skills, whether you are in a hurry, other drivers on the road and the weather conditions.

All forms of weather are found in traffic. A stunningly beautiful calm winter day with slight frost can instantly change into a blizzard, or watery slush into mirror-like ice. In the wintertime, roads may be snowy, slushy, wet or icy. Surprising showers may cause difficulties in the summertime: the contact area between the tire and the road may be almost eliminated in just a few moments.

Tires are a major risk factor connected with driving properties. Therefore, the tires do matter.  

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