Hakkapeliitta LT2

Relentless studded tire grip for professionals

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Stability and power for demanding use

Relentless studded tire grip for professionals

This sturdy special winter tire, designed for hard use on heavy SUV-type 4x4 vehicles combines excellent grip, exceptional durability, and stable and precise handling even under the most difficult conditions. The steel belt package of the tire has over 60% more steel than passenger car tires.

Officially approved for winter use Officially approved for winter use
Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2

Nokian Tyres Aramid Sidewall technology

Durability and protection for surprising situations

The sidewall compound that is exceptionally durable and puncture-resistant contains extremely strong aramid fibres. The same material is utilised by the aerospace and defence industries. The aramid fibre strengthens the sidewall rubber to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange.

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Excellent winter grip and driving comfort

The combination of the anchor stud and air damping provides driving comfort and safety on ice, snow, and wet road surfaces.

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Nokian Tyres Satisfaction Guarantee

Fall in love with Nokian Tyres premium performance in 30 days or swap your tires for another set free of charge, just return the tires along with your original sales receipt to the place of purchase.

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Great Winter Tire

I work in Alberta, and have family in BC. As a result I often encounter every winter driving condition possible in a single 12 hour trip. Alberta often has sheet ice, compressed snow, and fresh wet snow that will quickly turn to light & dry powdery snow that makes it similar to driving through sand. In BC, you'll encounter black ice, wet pavement/wet sheet ice, slush, and very heavy, very wet, very deep snow. Generally I've found that a tire excels in only one or two of these conditions; however, the LT2 handles all these conditions very well. Given these qualities, tread life is also fantastic. I've put 40 000km/25 000 miles on my current set and have between 60% and 80% tread left. My only complaint would be that the studs pull out too easily. Pickup trucks have tremendous amounts of torque at the wheels, and I think Nokian needs to address this by finding a better anchoring solution for their line of truck tires. As I said above, I have 60-80% treadlife still available. However, I am forced to replace my tires as all of them have lost more than 50% of their studs. They've lasted for 3 winters, so I'm not to terribly upset. I just don't get the point of having rubber that will last 60 000+ km when the tires need to be replaced before then because the studs last less than 40 000km. That said, I have recommended this tire to friends and family and am happy to see many of them follow my recommendation.

3 years ago



10 of 10 users recommend this product

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