Nokian HakkaPELIITTA 9

Functionality for the Northern winter
winter tire with balanced grip, stability and durability

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Functionality for the Northern winter

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 9 studded winter tire adapts to all forms of winter in a skilful and balanced manner. The unique, patented Nokian Tyres Functional Stud Concept is at the heart of the new product.

Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Hakkapeliitta 9

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Alaska capable!

Haida Joe • 6 months ago

Was recommended the hakka 9s and been using them in Alaska for a year now. I really like them, even with the roads as sheets of thick ice it's difficult to lose traction. Also one part I didn't fully expect was the soft snow capability. I have a 2008 Subaru outback and can go into a foot of snow or more without a worry. They just eat through it, so much fun!

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Pricey but good tires

smille76 • 10 months ago

Got 1 set of 17" Hakkas 9 studded for a 2018 WRX in Nov.2018. After 1 year and about 8000 Km, I noticed that my tread rubber near the sides was getting cracked and looked like a 15 year old tire. Tread was still at 10/32". I took some pictures and send to Nokian tires; they replaced my tires with a brand new set. The new ones is now 1.5 years old and about 12000 km. They are still 9-10/32 with only 1 stud loss from 4 tires. The new tires are showing small signs of rubber aging; not like my first set but a bit similar. Performance is stellar in snow and ice, feels like you are in the summer and no issues in the worst storms and ice you can get in Canada. However, they are very loud on dry pavement and feel like you are in a jet airplane. Not sure I'll get another set once they are worn out since the competition is catching up and a bit less pricey. Not sure also about the premature rubber aging; looks like it is the way they are and the new ecological compounds are getting eaten/worn out by the salt and harsh winter conditions here in Quebec. Tires were stored in the off season in my garage at controlled temperature and out of sunlight (they asked..). I will probably go with the Nordman 7 next time since I like the studs flawless performance but not the premium price that goes with it!

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Damage to Parkade Special Membrane

bpopp • 11 months ago

Do Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires cause damage to the special membrane on our condo parkade flooring? An owner of these tires claims they do not.

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Worst tire I have ever owned

Jujubee • 12 months ago

I live in Colorado and put these studded tires on for WINTER seasons only. After 2 seasons they were worn down to nothing and had to be tossed. I only work 1/2 hour from home but have hills and valleys so I needed something to grip the road for my Honda civic.

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Good quality

Mxc • 19 months ago

I like the drive. My roads are never cleared. I drive through slush on a daily. They grip nicely.

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My Prius is a Beast now

Brandon W. • 19 months ago

I've had these over literal miles of black ice, mountain passes of packed snow, through deep water at freeway speeds, and they even let my little prius plow through a foot of snow throughout our driveway. Inside the car, they are quiet, but people can definitely hear you coming. The braking, accelerating, and cornering is absolutely excellent. Though, repeatedly pushing these tires past their traction point on dry pavement will eventually rip the studs out. (I drive like I'm racing and I can't stop myself) I will be buying Nokian tires for the forseeable future.

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Impressive, very impressive

Cape Cod-ah • 20 months ago

I was after a high performance studded ice/snow tire for my BMW Z3 Coupe which I use as a daily driving car for the last 16 years and until now was unable to drive it once the road turned white from snow.. Until now. These tires are excellent. John Donahue Sandwich, Massachusetts. USA

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Rolls Royce of winter studded tyres

Victor051 • 22 months ago

I had the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV studded tyres installed on my vehicle here Calgary, Alberta mounted on 20" replica wheels on the 5th of November 2020. Here in Alberta, we recently had blizzard conditions with anything up to 30 - 40cms of snow. The Nokians gripped ice and snow without any slipping like velcro. Braking and accelerating is done with complete confidence. Going up towards the mountain's, Banff and Lake Louise area, these tyres performed extremely well and gave me full confidence while keeping me and my family safe within the vehicle. This tyre should be made compulsory for ALL vehicles here in Alberta for winter driving conditions. This studded tyre is simply the BEST studded winter tyres on ice and snow. Top marks and First class. Thank you Nokian for manufacturing this tyre for extreme winter conditions.

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Noisy AF, but solid great tire

slicplaya • 23 months ago

Scoured the internet for my Honda Type R for winter/studded tires. These are about the only ones that fit properly. Going from my Raptor S's to these though oh my God. Sounds like I'm flying an airplane that's in the air. The rid is very smooth and the tires are great, but God they're loud.

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Premature use after only one winter

antoine21 • 23 months ago

Bought studded Hakka 9 (205/55R16) for a VW e-golf 2019 last winter and drove 7000 km on them during a typical Quebec winter, where there is a lot of snow and ice. They provided excellent traction and handling, but when taking them off, our mechanic told us they would be good for only one other winter, because they were at 8/32 and they had lost 1/4 of the studs. The studs left are in worst shape than the ones on my old studded Hakka 8 were after 100 000 km on my previous civic. We did the mandatory break in period of 1000 km, we did not drive aggressively and we kept the tire at the recommended pressure. We were customers for a long time and we used to recommend Nokian tires to all of our friends, but we will now try other brands. I will not pay 1000$ for tire that will last me only 20 000 km, that’s absurd. These tires are not worthy of the Nokian’s premium price... We put them on last week we hope that we can finish the winter with this set!

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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires have a unique, patented double stud grip. The two different types of studs have an optimal grip in both curves and straight stretches.


Extreme winter grip

A dedicated, tailored stud for the centre of the tread and a separate stud for the shoulder areas. In addition to excellent longitudinal grip, the different studs that operate with natural efficiency during braking, acceleration and cornering ensure supreme lateral grip on icy and snowy surfaces.

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Snow Grip Booster

Excellent grip on snow

The cuts on both sides of the middle blocks on the centre of the tread provide more sharp edges that improve grip on snow.


Balanced and precise driving feel means more enjoyable kilometres

The strong High Tensile Steel belt structure makes the structure light but hard, which can be felt as precise handling during evasions and lane changes, even at higher speeds. Improved cut and puncture resistance also improve the mileage.

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Fall in love with Nokian Tyres premium performance in 30 days or swap your tires for another set free of charge, just return the tires along with your original sales receipt to the place of purchase.

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 9 - Independent comparison tests

Test winner

Vi Bilägare 13/2017

Excellent braking, acceleration and handling properties on ice. Properties on snow on the highest level in this test and also got the best score on dry asphalt. Well-balanced driving properties and logical behaviour around the grip limit.

3rd place

Tekniikan Maailma 17/2017

In its own class when driving on ice; grip properties are on excellent level. Excellent handling and driving characteristics in winter conditions, on snowy and icy surfaces.

Test winner

Za Rulem 9/2017

Spectacular grip and safety properties on snow and ice. Steering response is predictable and stability as well as handling on a high level. The result in braking on dry asphalt is the best among all tested tires, the wet braking result is excellent.

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