Nokian Tyres NORDMAN 7 SUV

Durable studded winter tire for SUVs

This product has been discontinued. A new version of this product has been released.

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Firm grip for SUV drivers

The reliable and durable Nordman 7 SUV studded winter tire offers safe and comfortable driving in the varying Northern conditions. Available factory studded or non-studded.

Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Nordman 7 SUV

User opinions

Rated 4.5 based on 10 customer reviews

Tire sizes

205/70 R 15 100T XL

max load 1800 lb, up to 118 mph

255/70 R 15 108T

max load 2200 lb, up to 118 mph

215/65 R 16 102T XL

max load 1870 lb, up to 118 mph

215/70 R 16 100T

max load 1800 lb, up to 118 mph

User opinions

Rated 4.5 based on 10 customer reviews

Anchor stud

Firm handling in corners and during evasions

The anchor stud is wide, multifaceted, and sturdy, boosting the tire’s longitudinal grip during acceleration and braking. The stud’s wide bottom flange supports it, boosting lateral grip.

Air Claw Technology

Excellent winter grip and driving comfort

The combination of the anchor stud and air damping offers driving comfort and safety on ice, snow, and wet road surfaces. Air Claw Technology refers to a combination of sturdy studs and waterdrop-shaped air dampers on the front edges of the tread blocks. This combination provides efficient grip and good stud durability while at the same time lowering the noise level and reducing road wear.

Bear Claw

Relentless braking grip

Bear Claw is an innovation that keeps the stud perpendicular to the driving surface during braking by applying optimal tension to the tread block. The multifaceted, sturdy anchor stud boosts longitudinal grip during acceleration and braking.

Eco Stud System

Sturdy grip, softer driving

The key concept behind the Eco Stud System technology is the stud cushion that dampens the stud’s impact with the road. This reduces road wear and results in a more pleasant rolling noise.

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