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Very good choice for HD trucks

★★★★☆ 4/5
3 years ago
This will be the second season I have run these tires on my 2012 Ford Super Duty. Because any HD truck typically needs 10-ply rated tires, the choice of snow tires is small. These tires were expensive but transformed the driveability of my truck in snow. The stock highway tires allowed the truck to start to slide off the road on certain snowcovered corners, and the truck was completely helpless going uphill in snow unless 4x4 was engaged. These tires allow me to rely less on 4x4 and feel much more confident cornering on snow-covered roads. They seem to be wearing well. The only issue I had was many of the studs on the rear tires kicked out - my Nokian dealer warrantied this and replaced the tires.

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    Great Winter Tire

    ★★★★☆ 4/5
    3 years ago
    I work in Alberta, and have family in BC. As a result I often encounter every winter driving condition possible in a single 12 hour trip. Alberta often has sheet ice, compressed snow, and fresh wet snow that will quickly turn to light & dry powdery snow that makes it similar to driving through sand. In BC, you'll encounter black ice, wet pavement/wet sheet ice, slush, and very heavy, very wet, very deep snow. Generally I've found that a tire excels in only one or two of these conditions; however, the LT2 handles all these conditions very well. Given these qualities, tread life is also fantastic. I've put 40 000km/25 000 miles on my current set and have between 60% and 80% tread left. My only complaint would be that the studs pull out too easily. Pickup trucks have tremendous amounts of torque at the wheels, and I think Nokian needs to address this by finding a better anchoring solution for their line of truck tires. As I said above, I have 60-80% treadlife still available. However, I am forced to replace my tires as all of them have lost more than 50% of their studs. They've lasted for 3 winters, so I'm not to terribly upset. I just don't get the point of having rubber that will last 60 000+ km when the tires need to be replaced before then because the studs last less than 40 000km. That said, I have recommended this tire to friends and family and am happy to see many of them follow my recommendation.

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      Good choice for Winter in Canada

      ★★★★☆ 4/5
      20 months ago
      I have ran Hakkapeliitta tires on my Ford F250 Diesel for about 6 year now. I am on my second set (LT2). Decent tire but they do wear quit quickly on a heavy vehicle. After two winters and ~ 15,000KM's (not a daily driver and mostly highway/long trips) the tires are at 40% and about half the studs are missing.

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        New to Nokian

        ★★★★★ 5/5
        20 months ago
        After two days of reviewing websites in search of the best winter tire for my arctic snow packed iced roads here in Alaska, I have come to the conclusion that Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires series is by far the most advanced design available in North America. Though I was not able to locate any competitive reviews about the LT2 series by know publications, my research has lead me to conclude that no matter which Hakkapeliitta series, they will out perform any of the competition. Over this next year, I will provide period updates.

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          Excellent Winter Tire!

          ★★★★★ 5/5
          8 months ago
          I just picked up a set of the Nokian Hakapeliitta LT2 studded tires mounted them on steel wheels, 265 70 R17 on my 2010 Tacoma double cab. I have about 1000km on them My previous tires were KO gen 1 and then Duratracs. I can state without any reservation they are the best dedicated winter tire. Most of my experience with the LT2s is off road, on winter logging roads and 4x4 roads in the Central Interior of BC. No wheel spin on the snow/ice/mud and no requirements to chain up with the studded wheels. My buddies who with me have extensive off road experience from their previous jobs and they were suitably impressed with the tire's performance. I have over 35 yrs experience off roading. I have whole heartedly subscribed to the the concept of running a dedicated winter tire for winter!

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            My Van's best Christmass Gift Ever !!!!

            ★★★★★ 5/5
            12 months ago
            I had a 2004 Chevy Express 1500 with 4 Hakka LT2 Non studed and loved them BUT when I bought my 2012 simillar Express 1500 I've had installed 4 Hakka LT2 STUDDED and my life changed for the better!! Me and my wife had tremendous milleage to do each day for going to work and we had to leave home very early arround 6 when the northern winter roads are not very well plowed and let me tell you all that If you would had catch me on the fly on the hyway you would had sware that my van was a 4X4 !!?! Those tires are also very sturdy on the sidewalls and they are still at 80% after 3 full winter seasons !!! I also had bought several other set of Nokian summer Rotiva LT's and also some cars aplications always been verry satisfied!!! NOW, if someone tell you to save some money with other cheap immitation shoes for your ride I strongly suggest you to take a second morgage on your house or Finance them for a couples year and you wont regret It!!

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              Pros and Cons

              ★★★★☆ 4/5
              4 months ago
              I have the studded version on a 2015 F350 diesel. They wear at about 20% every 10,000 miles on my truck. The tires are amazing when it comes to winter weather traction but the ride is like a mud tire when above freezing temperatures due to the soft rubber compound. They literally can be balanced everyday and will be different everyday. (yes I've actually tried) They are also pushing the "acceptable" limits of out of round. I had to get one replaced that was over. I have found that running Centramatic balancer rings helps with the issue but doesn't eliminate it. So if you want the best traction money can buy get these. But just be aware the ride isn't the best.

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                Great tires till studs started coming out

                ★★☆☆☆ 2/5
                3 months ago
                Tires were great at first, but just after 1 winter season studs started coming out. After only 3 winters most of the center studs on all four tires are missing. Really disappointed because i was told they "were special studs".

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