zLine SUV

Precise handling and unique durability for powerful SUVs.

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First experience with the zLine SUV

★★★★★ 5/5
4 years ago
Installed on a 350GL @ 22,000 miles (from a Winter set of Nokians) in early April, of this year, (we have homes in Las Vegas and Victor Idaho) and left for the North next day, and would you believe it snowed, blew, rained, sunny, snowed, etc. most of the 635 miles between homes. To my amazement first trip on the non winter tire equipped SUV was flawless, I was a bit more cautious with out our winter tire equipped auto, but these new tires handled the work load without a slip, slide, spin or loss of traction, they came through with out a problem, I have since driven them in heavy rain, 105 degree days, they perform without a glitch. have about 9,000 miles on them now. 5 star @ this point, show no wear pattern. 35lbs around checked frequently. rotated once @ 7,500 miles

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    Z-Line's are great!

    ★★★★★ 5/5
    2 years ago
    Took a set of Continentals off my Q7 S-line and put these on and wow they are so much better!

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      add on to first review

      ★★★★★ 5/5
      3 years ago
      now have near 40,000 miles on tires, have about 3/32 of tread left, worn pretty even and getting close to the wear bars, tires are getting a little noisy the more they are worn, just noticeable not bothersome, just drove 525 miles at a 84mph average in 100+ degree heat, tire pressure increased 2 lbs, (they run cool) our GL is over 6,000 lbs, so bottom line we have averaged 5,500 miles per 32 of tire wear, no flats or flat spots, good even wear, (I run them @ 35 lbs, front and rear) will replace them in the near future, with same tire (275X50X20) if available, hoped they would last until time for the winter tyres (not to be)

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