Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV - Balanced grip, stable and durable to drive

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Even better than the Hakkapeliitta 7

★★★★★ 5/5
21 months ago
The 7's were outstanding in all severe conditions, but the 9s are even more outstanding. Quieter than the 7 with even better traction on glare ice, deep snow, or worst case ice covered by loose snow. 4 wheel drive is not 4 wheel stop, but with the Hakkapeliitta 9 you will get the best traction your vehicle and tire combination can provide.

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    Simply Amazing !!!

    ★★★★★ 5/5
    21 months ago
    We equiped our 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with those Haka 9 SUV Studed and the experience is so far very impressive on every type of winter road. Here in northern Quebec winters are often very punishing and roads are sometimes not so well maintained foremost where we exactly live about 5 minutes ride from the Ontario borders and that is the main reason why I'd invest in such a perfect combination for our security and piece of mind; Nokian and a Jeep !! This is the best winter thrill we ( me and my wife) ever experienced so far in our lifes!! Very Icy roads, slushes, severe snow storms are all now all very good reasons to get out for shopping or simply go to a cofee shop !!! I swear that this is that much cool and confident; Thank You So Much Nokian !!!!

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      Great traction; lots of noise!

      ★★★★☆ 4/5
      19 months ago
      We own two work trucks that are required to respond to emergency calls 24/7/365. The work trucks are equipped with Hakkapeliitta LT2s which which we are very happy. Based on the experience with the LT2s I purchased these tires in fall 2017 for the 2017/18 winter in 2015 Subaru Outback. I work for a local utility and am required to respond to stormy emergencies. I wanted to have the best winter traction I could find without compromising the ride comfort. I have previously used Blizzak WS80 and Continental WinterContact Sis on the same car. Thes Hakka's have fantastic traction with only the WS80's close to the Hakka's in traction. The Continental's were very comfortable winter tires, but did not quite have the same level of traction as the other two tires. My major grip with the Hakka's is the noise. I have added about 40 pounds of sound deadening in the doors and other areas of the subaru. Unfortunately, these tires were still unbearably loud and forced me to make a change. Going forward, I will probably stick to the new Hakka R3 or go back to the Blizzaks

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        Best snow tire I've ever owned!

        ★★★★★ 5/5
        8 months ago
        This is my 3rd set of Nokian winter tires. But my first set of studded Nokians. The Hakkapeliitta 9 studded has proved itself an unmatched snow tire, versus other manufacturers I've had in the past (studded and non). It provides a very confident and predictable response in deep snow and icy road conditions. Driving around stuck or sliding vehicles without batting an eye. Sounds weird to say, but I want more snow!

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          Very Surprised and Pleased

          ★★★★★ 5/5
          9 months ago
          I have run Toyo Observes on the last three vehicles (Audi, Cadillac, BMW) and was very happy with them but could not find that tire in a 21" size for our newly acquired 2017 Audi Q7. I recently moved to an area that sees more snow than other parts of the valley and our driveway is steep. A studded tire seemed to be the prudent way to go. These were recommended by a friend at church who either owns or has owned Nokians before. He told me they were awesome and assured me I would not be sorry. I researched the Nokian Hakkapellita 9 SUV and found more positive reviews than negative ones. That, combined with my friend's recommendation, prompted me to spring for a set even though they were extremely expensive. My point of view is that if these prevent even one accident they have already paid for themselves. These are an awesome tire and I am very pleased with their performance. I just completed a 550 mile round trip with a good portion of it on very bad roads. The vehicle felt extremely "planted" and never gave any indication of losing grip (except for an icy bridge deck where I was probably pushing it a bit to much). My driveway presents a challenge as well but the Q7 climbs up to the top without a hint of slippage, even on ice. I have to say that their dry highway manners came as quite a surprise. These things handle beautifully! I never expected a winter tire to ride and handle as well as this. I even like them better than my Pirelli Scorpion all-season tires that I run during the spring, summer and fall. My only complaint so far is the noise level but that is to be expected when you run studs on bare asphalt. My car is normally very quiet so I miss that but you get used to the sound after a while and it is a small price to pay for security. The only other issue is the cost. These are astronomical by comparison to other brands of studded tires. Discount Tire offered a 10% discount in the form of a prepaid MasterCard if you purchased a complete set of 4 winter tires so that helped. No tire can guarantee perfect grip and absolute safety but if these can't handle the type of roads that you are driving on, you probably should be sitting home by the fireplace instead.

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