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Just as I expected

★★★★★ 5/5
13 months ago
After 5 yrs and 80 000 km (commuting from Laval to Mont-Tremblant) bought 4 studded Hakka 9's to replace the studded Hakka 8's on my 2012 Accord coupe . So far they've lived up to my expectations. After 750 km they have "broken-in" less noise and smoother ride. Have yet to drive on ice or deep snow but on a few cm's of unplowed highway I felt safe and drove with confidence.

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    Timing is everything

    ★★★★★ 5/5
    13 months ago
    I live in Winnipeg and had the Hakka 9's installed at Kal Tire on the morning of Thursday, October 26, 2017. We then went out around 3pm, just before the rain turned to sheets of ice and blowing snow. News reports called the area bridges and highways a "demolition derby" due to the dangerous conditions. We had not one issue. I have used Nokian studded winter tires since 2004 on a variety of vehicles, and the Hakka 9's are outstanding. I've never liked winter, but at least I can feel confident getting around in winter conditions.

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      Customer for life

      ★★★★★ 5/5
      11 months ago
      I live in Montana, and after several negative experiences with some reputable "all-season" tires on my F-250 (involving spinning off a highway at 55 mph, crashing into ditches, going down hills backwards etc.) I finally realized the necessity of good-quality dedicated winter tires. My first Nokian tire was the Hakkapeliitta R2 studless tire that I had put on my Honda Civic in November of 2014. On hard-packed snow and ice at cold temperatures, the grip was like being on pavement. Going over mountain passes and through icy canyons, there were some moments when I thought "Oh God, this is it...I'm going too fast around this curve," but the Nokians held their grip, seemingly against all odds. So when I bought our minivan this year, I delayed picking it up until my order of the new Hakkapeliitta 9s arrived at the local tire store. I recently had the opportunity to crawl up a friend's melting-ice mountain driveway (literally a former logging road) recently, and even though the minivan is front-wheel drive only, it clawed its way to the top with almost no slippage. When I arrived, my friends were astounded, because they struggle with their Bridgestone Blizzaks and all-wheel drive to go up and down that hill when the ice is melting. So Bravo, Nokian--keep up the great engineering. You've got a customer for life!

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        Amazing tires, a must have!!

        ★★★★★ 5/5
        12 months ago
        I live in Alberta, Canada in the country and drive an older rear wheel drive Mercedes sedan. I often have to drive 600-700km round trip in a day on secondary roads, which are often unplowed, so I'm pushing through deep snow. I reseached every tire I could and the Hakkapelitta 9 studded had the highest rating. They are amazing, I have driven 3,000km's I get excellent gas mileage. I am confident in 12" deep snow and they're like glue on ice. I highly recommend them. My girlfriend also put the Nokian unstudded All-weather's on her SUV and she loves them too. Five stars all the way.

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          ahead by a century

          ★★★★★ 5/5
          9 months ago
          We live in a "white-zone", no salt, no calcium, only some scraning rocks here and there on all streets, it is an "eco solution" in our city, but it doesn't take long to have such a dangerous icy road....since I bought these new studded Hakka 9 I just falled in love with I bought another set for my girlfriend's car. Never want another kind of winter tires anymore !

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            Get ready to waste money!

            ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5
            10 months ago
            Bought these "high end" (shop's word, not mine) studded snows to get me through the winter (from Paris Auto Barn in Maine), running me about $200/tire all said and done. That happened Nov. 22nd... it is Feb. 2nd, barely half way through winter here, and I've already lost a tire due to structural damage. The shop won't back it up, and I realized there is a reason these lemons are only warrantied for 30 days (I'll save you the math, I lost one within 72 days, or about 2 months and a couple weeks). Unfortuantely for me, I have an AWD vehicle, so I am stuck with this garbage until it becomes economically more painful... unfortunately at less than 90% ware, it's hard to imagine replacing all four tires before a whole winter has past. If you are looking for an amazing tire, go elsewhere.

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              These tires are Awesome

              ★★★★★ 5/5
              26 days ago
              I put these tires on the day before the first snow storm in November 2018. Any one in the New York tri State area knows what a disaster that was. All the main roads were not moving due to either accidents or due to cars not being able to get up the hills. I drive a 2013 VW Jetta sportwagen tdi that's front wheel drive. Because the main roads were unpassable I drove back roads until finally I got to RT 84 and then to RT 17 for a 60 mile drive. Some of my co-workers took 4 hours to travel twenty miles. Needless to say I did 60+ miles in less time in terrible conditions. Get these tires if you positively have to get to your destination!

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                Best winter tire period

                ★★★★★ 5/5
                30 days ago
                My father introduced me to Nokian long ago and have used no other winter tire since. Living on Tug Hill (Upstate NY) were we measure snow by feet, studded tires are almost mandatory. Bought the 9's last winter and just put on for this winter. Still almost new with ZERO stud loss. The Hakka 9's replaced the 3's I believe. Had them for years and on two different trucks that are used for truck stuff not just driving around. Beat the daylight out of them and have never failed me. Have now switched to their Rotiiva AT Plus too for other than snow season and equally impressed. Check air pressure and rotate and they'll last a long time!

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                  ★★★★★ 5/5
                  27 days ago
                  Only had these for a day... traded them in for my nordman 7 and what a ride. Bare pavement is a bit less noisy than the studded nordmans considering these have more studs. Grip is outstanding and although winter is not here yet i cant wait. My favorite season is now winter!

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