Electric hypercar Toroidion continues track-testing and development work with Nokian Tyres

On September 2015, the Toroidion 1MW Concept car showcased the new electric powertrain at the Nokian Tyres fast track event in Nokia, Finland. After its launch earlier at the Top Marques Monaco exhibition, the Toroidion 1MW Concept has surprised the world with its technology and performance.

At the moment revolutionary Toroidion hypercar is equipped with Nokian Ultra High Performance tires so Nokian zLine (size 295/30 R19) for cool performance in fast driving. Challenging R&D work and testing continues.

- In the future we will develop our UHP-tires even further to match extreme high power of the Toroidion and with the same time maximize grip and handling properties, tells Development manager Jarno Röytiö from Nokian Tyres.

Extensive knowledge and know-how

The media were present at the track event, eagerly anticipating seeing the hypercar in action. Pasi Pennanen, CEO of Toroidion Ltd. climbed in, closed the door, grabbed the steering wheel, and unleashed the electric powertrain on the Nokian Tyres track. The crowd were amazed of the power, acceleration and handling.

- Thanks to Nokian Tyres extensive knowledge of driving in special conditions, e.g., on ice at over 300 km/h, our 1MW hypercar retained excellent traction and grip on the track, says Pasi Pennanen.

State-of-the-art expertise from Finland

The Finnish-built Toroidion 1MW Concept car is the world’s most powerful electric vehicle with a unique patented powertrain that can revolutionise electric vehicles everywhere. The exclusive feature of the Toroidion is that the powertrain is scalable to any size: from supercars to passenger cars, trucks or motorcycles.

The power output of the hypercar is an astonishing one megawatt or 1,341 horsepower. The body of the sporty Toroidion is made of carbon fibre and the car has four-wheel drive with four electric motors. There are two 200-kilowatt motors in the front and two 300-kilowatt motors in the back. The drive shafts run straight into the motors, with no gears. The battery runs along the entire length of the car. 3D printing technology has also been utilised in the development; the mirrors and interior door handles are 3D printed, for example.

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