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Traffic is collaboration. In most cases it flows fluently, but sometimes it’s slow and jammed. Sometimes you have to resort to elbowing or cross-checking. You race and tease. You’re in a hurry. You’re tired. The most essential, most vulnerable element in driving is sitting behind the steering wheel – the human element. The car’s safety equipment provides some protection but it can’t correct all errors. Tires are an active safety feature. They are the four paws, the palms of your car’s hands - the hands in which you trust your life.

Tire Safety & Warranty

While All-Season tires are designed to provide reliable performance in some winter conditions, the use of four (4) winter tires is recommended for optimal performance. Tires designated for use in severe winter conditions are marked on at least one sidewall with the letter “M” and “S” plus a pictograph of a mountain with a snowflake on it.

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Risks in Traffic

Traffic means transporting people, goods and information from one place to another. The playing field is open. It is a constantly evolving puzzle, and a place where you are never alone.

Impact of Tires on Safety

All steering, braking and accelerating forces between a vehicle and the road are mediated by the tires. The tires are the most active safety equipment of your car – your car is kept on the road and you in control of your car by four contact areas the size of your palm.

Studded or Non-studded Tires

Your choice of studded or non-studded winter tires depends on your needs. Both alternatives are wear-resistant and have superb driving qualities. By knowing their special characteristics, you can choose the type of tire that best matches your needs.

Hakkapeliitta Winter Driving School

Throughout its history, Nokian Tyres has been making winter driving safer and more comfortable. But excellent tires alone are not enough on winter roads; you also need to have your knowledge and skills up to date. On this site, we have collected a comprehensive information package concerning winter driving.

Slush and Aquaplaning

From the viewpoint of traffic safety, it is important to have tires with the proper groove depth and properties to suit the weather conditions.  When there is plenty of water on the road and the driving speed exceeds a certain limit, the tread pattern of the tire no longer pushes aside the water from underneath the tire. The feel between the tire and the road will be lost, and so will the grip.

Flat Run Tire Technology

Nokian FRT (Flat Run Technology) is a special tire construction for car tires. It allows for driving a tire with FRT even without tire pressure. Some car manufacturers only use these kinds of tires on their cars to ensure safe driving to the dealership after accidental damage.