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Value Like Never Before

Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV – Budget Friendly, Exceptional Value

The Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV, available both factory studded and without studs, are designed to be durable and reliable and to withstand varying winter weather conditions. A good price/quality ratio is guaranteed thanks to Nokian Tyres’ solid expertise and proven technical solutions. The reliable Nokian Nordman 5 tires are an excellent choice for people who are looking for an economical and efficient tire and value high performance and safety.

The comprehensive and extensive size selection of the new conquerors of Northern conditions covers 31 passenger sizes from 13 inches up to 17 inches and 26 SUV sizes 15 inches up to 18 inches, and is suitable for both smaller family cars, sportier vehicles, and SUVs. The new Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV will be available to consumers during the winter tire season of autumn 2014.

Directional tread pattern and polished main grooves

The directional tread pattern of both the passenger and SUV sizes expels water, snow, and slush while providing exceptional lateral grip on winter roads. The polished and slippery main grooves allow the water, snow, and slush to flow easily and effectively out from underneath the tire’s footprint, maximizing contact with the road.

The new Nokian Nordman 5 SUV utilizes two tread patterns: one with a solid center rib for smaller SUVs and CUVs and another with a split center rib to provide an additional channel for water, slush, and snow evacuation on wider sizes.

Solid Center Rib 

235/75 R 15

215/70 R 16

235/60 R 16

225/60 R 17

235/55 R 18

215/70 R 15

225/70 R 16

225/65 R 17

235/65 R 18


225/75 R 16

235/70 R 16

235/65 R 17

235/60 R 18


235/75 R 16

215/65 R 16

215/60 R 17

225/55 R 18


Split Center Rib 

245/70 R 16

275/70 R 16

245/65 R 17

255/70 R 16

245/70 R 17

265/65 R 17

265/70 R 16

265/70 R 17

255/60 R 18

Bear Claw Technology

The unrelenting grip of the Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV comes from several technical innovations. The bear claw boosts stud operation. The front edge of the tread blocks features a sharp-edged claw-like projection circled by siping, which pre-tightens and supports the stud. The bear claw holds the stud perpendicular to the road, the ideal position, during road contact and braking, as well as in lateral movement. The stud does not twist or give way and thus maximizes grip. Especially the grip of the shoulder area, most critical to braking, has improved considerably.

Available factory-studded for optimal quality assurance

The air cushion beneath the stud on both the passenger and SUV tires offers a lighter rolling tire that is less damaging to the surface of the road than ordinary studded tires without compromising driver safety.

Factory studding ensures the quality, durability, and fit of the studs and delivers the best possible tire-stud function. The multi-flange design of the round passenger stud and square SUV stud allows the rubber to form around the stud and improve retention when compared to aftermarket TSMI studs.

The square studs in the SUV tires provide additional grip needed for heavier vehicles by providing a wider support to improve grip on ice and anchoring the stud more firmly in the tread compound during braking an acceleration. This ensures tire safety throughout the tire’s lifespan.

Studs on Nokian Nordman 5 passenger and SUV are encircled by a run-in indicator that fades when new tires have been run in. Careful and controlled driving is recommended during the first 300 miles (500 kilometres): avoid hard braking and acceleration, as well as abrupt manoeuvres.


Environment and safety both play a key role in the development of Nokian Tyres. Nokian is the world’s first tire manufacturer to introduce a production method using earth-friendly oils. The new Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV are completely high-aromatic oil free, using a compound made with renewable canola oil and silica for improved grip. Additionally, Nokian is also a pioneer in low rolling resistance technology. Lighter rolling tires mean lower fuel consumption, saving the consumer money at the pump.  

Driving Safety Indicator increases winter safety

The new Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV feature the patented Driving Safety Indicator (DSI)on the center rib of the tread. The numbers on the center surface of the tire indicate how much of the main groove depth remains on the tread. The snowflake symbol Winter Safety Indicator (WSI)remains visible to a groove depth of four millimeters. Once the snowflake has worn out, the driver should purchase new winter tires to ensure sufficient safety. The location and pressure indicators on the sidewall information area of the Nokian Nordman 5 and 5 SUV improve safety. The information area allows for recording the correct inflation pressure and installation location during tire changes. Comfort and safety are further improved by a new section that can be used to record the tightening torque of bolts for alloy rims.

Main innovations: 

  • Directional tread pattern
  • Polished main grooves
  • Bear Claw technology
  • Available Factory-Studded or without studs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Driving safety indicator and information field

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