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What should I keep in mind when choosing winter tires?

Always check your vehicle’s registration for the recommended tire size. When choosing winter tires, consider how and where you drive, how safe you feel in winter conditions and your driving experience level.

This will help you decide whether to choose studded or non-studded tires. Studded tires even out changing driving conditions as grip is maintained on icy and wet roads.  The positive characteristics of non-studded winter tires include a flexible schedule for changing the tires and low tire noise, as they roll lightly and quietly, even on dry roads. Avoid using tires of different brands and types on the same car at the same time. If you choose studded winter tires, all of your tires should be studded. It is also worth investing in tire quality. The highest quality tires – premium tires – use the latest technology and higher-quality materials than budget tires. Premium winter tires are safer on winter roads. The grip is better and tests have shown that the braking distances on ice and snow are several meters shorter than for budget tires. In high-quality studded tires, special attention has also been paid to stud technologies that boost safety, driving comfort, and environmental friendliness.

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