How fast can a person push a car one mile?

We will find out this fall when Nokian Tyres and Jussi Kallioniemi attempt to set a new Guinness World Record together.

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The aim is to push a car – weighing at least 1,880 kg and equipped with tires by Nokian Tyres – one mile, breaking the previous record of 15 minutes and 21 seconds. Furthermore, the partnership strives to promote the essential themes of exercise and well-being, encouraging everyone to try out new things and thereby improve themselves.

The road to the record

Lightly rolling tires or not, pushing a car is anything but light work, especially at a world record speed. During the summer, Jussi is training a couple of times per week under the watchful eye of his personal trainer Matti Ovaska. As the starting point of the world record was getting Jussi’s back in shape, the exercises focus on Jussi’s core muscles as well as ergonomically correct pushing positions. In addition, he trains independently – by pushing a car at the Nokian Tyres’ Nokia testing track.

In June, Jussi took part in the Nokian Tyres IRONMAN 70.3 Finland triathlon. The challenging competition consists of 1,9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and ends in a half marathon. For the last part Jussi carried a tire on his back.

“Ironman gave me inspiration for training, as well as strength for the body and mind”, Jussi says.



Exercise as a source of energy

Jussi Kallioniemi, 45 years old, lives in Nokia Finland, where the tire company is from, and while he describes himself as an IT geek, he is not completely new to the game. He holds a current Guinness World Record from 2016 when he was the fastest person to ever run a full marathon wearing a heavy 60-pound backpack.

Just some ten years ago, Kallioniemi was struggling with a binge eating disorder and multiple health problems. Finding the joy of exercise, challenging himself and boldly trying something new and original were life-changing things for him.

“As we get older, we all get aches and pains sometimes,” says Kallioniemi. “They may make you get stuck on the couch but, at best, they may encourage you to exercise more.”

In recent years, Jussi has been troubled by back pain. Accordingly, his training routine for the world record attempt puts particular focus on his back. Hopefully, this will lead to a new world record as well as a healthier body and mind.

“Breaking the record will require strong back and support muscles, and for everything to work well together,” Kallioniemi says. “Ultimately, the true goal of the attempt is feeling good.”

"As we get older, we all get aches and pains sometimes. They may make you get stuck on the couch but, at best, they may encourage you to exercise more."
Jussi Kallioniemi
Pushing a car to a new world record

Quality tires roll lightly

This demanding attempt puts the whole body to the test. It is hard to think of any muscles that are not needed when you push a 4,000-pound car.

Besides raw strength, a successful attempt requires quality tires that roll lightly. Nokian Tires will equip the car used in the record attempt with the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 winter tires, which represent the latest non-studded winter tire technology and deliver ultra-low rolling resistance, thereby leaving summer tires behind.

The lower the rolling resistance is, the less energy is spent on the rotation of the tires, allowing the car to move more lightly. Tires with a low rolling resistance save up to half a liter of fuel per one hundred kilometers, while also cutting CO2 emissions.

The record attempt will take place in fall 2019. To check how Jussi is preparing for the attempt, visit Nokian Tyres’ website and social media channels.