Dayton factory - Updates

Construction of Nokian Tyres’ Dayton, Tennessee factory is proceeding on schedule. Nokian Tyres is eager to share updates with the community as progress unfolds. Below, you’ll be able to find news and information about the construction process.


We have begun hiring workers to build industry-leading tires at our state-of-the-art plant. Click here to view and apply for jobs.

We are hiring workers in the following areas:

Quality Control - Entry level to supervisor positions with previous tire manufacturing experience

Logistics - Entry level to supervisor positions

Manufacturing - Primarily entry level, with some supervisor positions

Shipping - Primarily entry level (no prior experience necessary), with some supervisor positions

Building Services - Primarily entry level (no prior experience necessary), with some supervisor positions

Administration - Primarily manager and supervisor positions with previous tire manufacturing experience, but with few entry level positions

With all of the positions, Nokian Tyres is committed to training our workforce so that we have a safe workplace and maintain our high product quality standards.

Nokian Tyres is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, mental or physical disability, veteran status, military status or any other characteristic protected by law.


Nokian Tyres Factory Hiring Next Phase of Workers, Adding Second Shift

18 August 2020
Nokian Tyres has begun the second stage of hiring at its factory in Rhea County, Tennessee, where it is preparing to launch a second shift of production. The global tire company plans to hire upwards of 50 team members starting in September.

Nokian Tyres Celebrates One Year Without a Lost-time Injury at Its North American Factory

24 June 2020
Nokian Tyres recently marked one year without experiencing a lost-time injury at its tire production factory in Dayton, Tennessee – a record that dates back to the first day of trial production at the facility.

Nokian Tyres’ North American Factory Earns ISO 9001 Certification

18 June 2020
Less than six months after opening, Nokian Tyres’ factory in Dayton, Tennessee earned ISO 9001 certification earlier this year. The achievement affirms that the company has implemented rigorous quality management processes at the facility that enable it to craft premium products that meet the demanding needs of North American drivers. 


3 June 2020
Nokian Tyres has chosen the winners of the inaugural Nokian Tyres Scholarship: Rhea County High School graduates Saeri Goins and Crista Brumberlow.

Nokian Tyres Announces Plan to Reopen Dayton, Tennessee Factory

24 April 2020
Nokian Tyres plans to reopen our Dayton, Tennessee factory on Monday, May 4, with some employees returning Monday, April 27.

Nokian Tyres Reduces Emissions, Makes Prestigious Sustainability List Again in 2019

21 April 2020
Nokian Tyres reduced carbon-dioxide emissions from its global factories by 44 percent in the last six years, according to an annual sustainability report released by the company. 


11 March 2020
Nokian Tyres is funding two scholarships that will reward graduating seniors at Rhea County High School who are interested in studying STEM subjects in college. The company is offering two one-time awards of $2,500 each to students who plan to study science, technology, engineering or math at a two- or four-year college. 


6 March 2020
Nokian Tyres has begun producing tires for commercial sale at its North American factory in Dayton, Tennessee. The milestone took place on schedule, and the company plans to steadily increase volume throughout the year.

Nokian Tyres Begins Work on State-of-the-art Administration Building at Its First North American Factory

19 August 2019
As the company prepares to begin producing tires for commercial use in early 2020, it aims to open its office facility in the middle part of next year.

Nokian Tyres’ US Factory Produces First Test Tire

11 July 2019 
Nokian Tyres has produced the first test tire at its factory in Dayton, Tennessee, USA.

Nokian Tyres Launch Team “Like a Family” as Intensive Overseas Training Concludes

18 June 2019
The group is preparing to return home from training in Russia and Finland to launch the company’s first North American production facility.

Nokian Tyres Dayton factory launch team leaves for overseas training after busy month of training and community service

2 May 2019
Employees at Nokian Tyres’ first North American production factory will spend six weeks of intensive training at the company’s facilities in Finland and Russia.

Rhea County Official: Nokian Tyres Factory Has “Exceeded our Expectations” Thus Far

27 March 2019
Commercial production at the company’s first North American facility is scheduled to begin in 2020, but the factory has already created significant positive economic impact for the community.

Leader of Nokian Tyres Dayton Factory: Success Comes from Investing in People

4 March 2019
Peter Chia is passionate about numbers. As operations director at Nokian Tyres' new factory in Dayton, Tennessee, he has to be. When the facility starts producing tires in 2020, the global tire company will define success by figures like production volume, cost per unit and yield percentage.

Progress Continues on One of the Most Advanced Factories in the Tire Industry

20 Feb 2019
Nokian Tyres has made significant progress on its North American production plant and remains on schedule to begin commercial production in 2020.  

Nokian Tyres Begins Hiring Process at New Factory in Dayton, Tennessee

14 Feb 2019
The Scandinavian tire company plans to hire between 40 and 50 production team members in the first quarter of 2019. In this first phase of hiring, it seeks experienced manufacturing workers to fill a variety of positions at every level of the organization.

Nokian Tyres Hires DeCastro to Lead Finance in Americas Region

8 Jan 2019
Nokian Tyres has hired Stephen DeCastro to lead North American financial operations from the company’s new office in Nashville, Tennessee. DeCastro will serve as Nokian Tyres’ Head of Finance and Controlling for the Americas region.

Nokian Tyres Adds General Counsel, IT Director to North American Leadership Team

4 Dec 2018
Nokian Tyres has taken another step forward in its North American growth plan with two additions to its Americas leadership team.

Generous Gift Bridges Nokian Tyres’ Scandinavian Roots, U.S. Future

27 Nov 2018
Minnie Fagerlund’s life was tested by tragedy, the terror of war, and separation from her Finnish homeland. Now, her legacy will live at Nokian Tyres’ new factory in Dayton, Tennessee, thanks to a generous gift from a local benefactor.

Nokian Tyres appoints Clayco as design build partner for its first North American manufacturing facility to be built in Tennessee

14 March 2018
Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer, announced it is partnering with Clayco, Inc. to design and construct its new $360 million manufacturing facility to be built in Rhea County, Tennessee.

Nokian Tyres breaks ground on $360 million manufacturing facility in Tennessee

20 Sept 2017 
Nokian Tyres today broke ground on its $360 million manufacturing facility in Dayton, Tennessee. Nokian Tyres CEO Hille Korhonen, is joined by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam as well as other state and local dignitaries, to celebrate Rhea County’s largest foreign direct investment to date. 

Nokian Tyres’ Board of Directors has made a principal decision to invest in a greenfield factory in the USA

3 May 2017
Nokian Tyres’ Board of Directors has made a principal decision on the investment in the third factory and authorized the management of the Company to sign a Letter of Intent with the respective authorities in the USA. The new greenfield factory will be located in Dayton (Rhea County), Tennessee, USA.

Nokian Tyres announces construction of first North American manufacturing facility to be built in Tennessee

3 May 2017
Nokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer, announced it is investing $360 million to build its first North American plant in Rhea County, Tennessee. Nokian Tyres will break ground on the Dayton, TN plant in early 2018 with production launching in 2020.

Timeline of Events

May 2017 – Dayton, TN, factory announced
September 2017 – Groundbreaking Ceremony
December 2017 – Completed site preparation
March 2018 – Appointment of Clayco, manufacturing portion design builder
September 2018 – Hires of local leadership to oversee plant personnel and operations

Construction plans

The Nokian Tyres Dayton Factory will have local impact and global reach. Here in East Tennessee, we will create 400 jobs that will help grow the area’s economy and strengthen the company’s position in the international tire market. Our world-class facility will use next-generation technology to build, distribute and store four million tires each year.  As we continue to build the factory and make plans for its use, we are excited to pursue local engagement opportunities while supporting our global partners.


Nokian Tyres is not currently accepting unsolicited bids nor requests for proposal from vendors. Interested parties may contact either Rhea County Economic & Community Development or Clayco, the manufacturing portion design builder.

Rhea County Economic & Community Development (RECD): 
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Interested subcontractors may prequalify by contacting Clayco:
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